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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's chicago and detroit that are causing issues and those are the reasons there are thousands of delays and cancellations throughout the country tonight. you have been years since what time? >> 6:00 this morning. reporter: now what? frustrating? santiago is trying to get to chicago for his daughter's graduation in the navy and he's not the only one stuck waiting for the wintry mix of sleet and heavy winds has grounded hundreds of flights into and out of chicago o'hare airport and is the line to revoke canceled flights at laguardia grows longer patience is getting thinner. are you hoping it's going to get out altogether? >> i think it's going to be delayed even more. >> before we left for the
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another day, i hope our flight gets canceled. reporter: now the morehouse family can't get home to detroit where their ice storms. the severe weather is hitting much of the midwest impact doing sandra morales is trying to to get to indiana to see family. >> i am here to visit my brother and i can't go there. reporter: are you in a rush? >> there's a rest. reporter: as when a country the aftermath of deadly china does in texas is affecting some flights into and out of the dallas area. some subtle than acknowledging when it comes to validate traffic delays and cancellations come with the territory. just to give you a sense according to the web site there have been 3800 delays on flights within the country today, more than 2500 cancellations. ernie this is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year that
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needed trying to get home for the holidays or go somewhere and vacation. a lot of people who are going to be stranded or waiting longer than they would have hoped tonight. ernie: not easy for a lot of people. stacey thank you very much. joining me is audrey puente and you've seen it all. we have talked about tornadoes and you have got flooding and major snowstorms. this looks like extreme weather to us. audrey: we have been benefiting from mild temperatures over the last month one of the warmest december's own record. the system plaguing that part of the nation is a classic system of warm system of warm and cold air clashing together along the frontal boundary between those two temperature changes is where we are finding the weather. ernie: we have seen all the damage and it's heartbreaking that you are saying it's almost a normal thing. audrey: meteorologically speaking at the class up -- classic weather set up.
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ernie: we will get a wintry mix tonight. audrey: the same system is coming at her direction. we are going to get our first taste of winter precipitation with some people i think of and waiting for. ernie: as far as traveling goes there will be an issue. audrey: especially north of the city. that was a big shocker for everyone even though temperatures were averaged for this time of year definitely got everyone's attention after the warm weather we have been experiencing especially since yesterday felt so good and felt the bottom dropping out is the night went on. high i temperatures today were mostly into the 40s across the area. upper 30s to the north here and areawide we are sitting in the same kind of rain with 39 in islip 36 bridgeport dirty seven towards montauk. check out the numbers to the north. the freezing mark in sussex and poughkeepsie and below that a monticello. temperatures will be critical factors that go into the next 12 to 24 hours of the moisture begins to move into the region. depending on how close you are to the freezing mark will
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to be in your area. temperatures took a big drop from this time yesterday. we are running 20 degrees colder we have a northeast wind coming in keeping us with a damp feel across the region and right now the ceasar at 10 to 15 miles an hour but these will pick up tonight in the blustery with a windswept rain across the area. windchill factors in the 20s and 30s tonight. it will be very cold across the air and here comes the moisture. right now couple of spotty showers we are picking up on the radar. the atmosphere is still pretty dry but as it begins to sort of increase in moisture or become more saturated fats when they will see a lot of precipitation began to reach the surface. here's the system as it sits right now. the majority of the moisture is across the great lakes region extending towards the southeastern states. this is headed in our direction. i think at the onset we will begin to see sleep north of the city across northwestern new
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here it is on futurecast after nine or 10:00. areas on the coast i think will mainly be a rain event. the overnight the iciness will be to the north and it pushes further north towards sullivan and ulster and dutchess county by tomorrow morning to me. change over to reign in rock on and westchester by tomorrow morning and some of that rain will come down heavy at times of flooding will be an issue during the morning commute tomorrow. everything exits out for the evening commute so that should be a commerce in area and wednesday lots of thoughts remain do we could see peeks of sunshine time to time and the chance of an isolated shower. it's quiet in the weather department after tomorrow morning. again the ice is whether to the end the county shaded and purple along the coast me in the brain have to watch for flooding in low-lying areas especially. we have a winter weather advisory north of the city. it starts tonight and goes into 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning.
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overnight tonight and we will have gusty winds and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark especially north and west of the city. tomorrow we will warm at back up and will warm at backup in the 50s and that's why we anticipated changeover to rain once the morning progresses. the rain will will become a bit times times in the morning so watch out for flooding for the ersatz of your tuesday. then it gets quiet. we close out 2015. temperatures above average in to get into the new gear and that's when we will hover around normal readings for this time of year and we will stay dry and quiet with sunny skies for the weekend. ernie: thank you audrey. these are the stories making the new sniper the body of nypd detective joseph lemm arrives at the national guard base in newport this afternoon. he was one of six americans killed during a suicide attack in-app and the stand last week. lemm was a technical sergeant in the air national guard a 15 year veteran of the nypd.
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he lived his life as a hero. he returns as a hero. ernie: detective lemm leaves a wife and two children produce funeral will be held wednesday at saint patrick's of april. also many as one of the hottest christmas gift this sending a lot of people to the emergency room. a physician at one excel hospital said he has seen patients who have fallen off of hoverboards coming in with broken bones and concussions. the doctor recommends wearing a helmet to wrist guards and padding around your back and knees. be careful out there. staten island exploding deer population has become so out of control the city has teamed up with the department of agriculture to try to solve the problem after an environmental assessment is done the decision will be made on how to control the number of deer. that's what's happening in the news right now. coming up if you watch cooking shows and you've seen the finished products of our next guest. we will tell you about it, we haven't seen is the amazing
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community that goes into it. the bakery that's changing what's coming up. join us tomorrow for an in-depth look at people shopping for products made in america. how the momentum for domestic products is growing to that
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ernie: welcome back. breaking bread is a great way for people to get to know which had been so is making bread. our krista young takes us to east harlem to show us have a small bakery there with a fabulous writer ray is making a big difference in the community. check this out. >> if you need to called an east harlem gem. 115th street and it's been around since 1930s. now it's home to the bakery where you can get over 70 different kinds of bread everything from shabad said new york -- it was started by jessamine rodriguez. after working for unique and see she got the bright idea to a commitment to many of the immigrant women who lived in the community. >> kolata social enterprise because it's really about using
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they need. women get classroom education as well. some women it looks like traditional english and for others it's more like kitchen -- management they need to get better jobs in the baking industry. reporter: she teaches english classes for many the women accompanied the program. >> it just feels amazing when they make the connection between what they are learning in class and what they are doing in production. report he can buy bread here and several farmers markets throughout the city. the kitchen also supplies a the bread for many the city's restaurants and cooking shows like the food network. it's such a delicious variety that is hard to pick a favorite but the day i stop i have felt up for the challenge. i picked a mexican sweetbread that was absolutely delicious. all of the bread is made here on the premises.
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of activity. this woman is making croutons and this one, granola. for every baker there's a success story or one in the making. clarissa is from west africa that she learned about the program to a friend. >> i learned how to make and i know how to take any kind of red reporter: krista young "fox 5 news." ernie: we are getting hungry now. joining me her to great guest. the founder of hop red kitchen and vanessa, you are a baker saw the kitchen. thank you for being here. i'm getting song will with all of the spread. you made 70 different breads. >> we do over 70 breads made we have two persian breads. this is an armenian style crispy bread. one of my favorites near and dear to my heart are hollows and
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ernie: this is so good. this is a small sampling of what you do. vanessa you are a baker and you came from bangladesh 20 years ago you told them you been working for the past few years. tell me what it was like. how did you find this program? >> in 2000 that night -- 2010 my neighborhood friend gave me a flyer. ernie: so is a flyer. do you like what you do? do you have a big smile on your face. you started working at x. this morning. ernie: you do this for so many women. tell me how this educational program nonprofit come out works. >> we have women who have a passion of skill in the culinary arts and get a better job in the industry. she is a skilled talented and
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help and was classes and a few of the key elements is becoming a manager. ernie: you learned english as well and burning out to bake. you must tell your friends about how much you enjoy what you do, right? >> yeah. ernie: you like it a lot? you've done this for so many women and as you pointed out this was a six-month program? >> the training or grandmas six to nine months. what makes for me really important is the case. women who are the lowest earners are eligible to come in and learn how to train. so six to nine month paid training program where women learn management kitchen math on how to bake all of these beautiful breads. ernie: you are making it different in so many people peoples lives. if somebody wants to get involved and they want to learn more about the program or your bakery where can they go? >> visit hybrid and you compile the breads there.
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by her breads throughout the tri-state area. you should get behind this by purchasing the bread through the web site or one of the other retailers. >> everyday after 2:00 you get what you want. did you make most of these? can i try some of this now? i won't eat it right now. during the break but i want to thank you both for being here. congratulations. hot bread kitchens in east harlem for 30 years, since 1930? >> we been doing this since 2008. ernie: at the bakery. >> the original since 1930. ernie: you have a history there. we just talked about the many different cultures and have a question about that for you tonight. check this out. have you ever visited your ancestors homeland? have you ever made that trip?
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geraldo chapman the closer who throws the hardest of anybody. ernie: what you think of them? russ: e. throws close to 104 miles per hour. i think he's an enormous talent but what makes this a head-scratcher to me, there's an investigation going on a ledge to what happened in mid-october of domestic violence where he is alleged to have choked his girlfriend, threw her against the wall and fired gunshots in his garage. ernie: but no charges filed as we understand. russ: no charges have been filed however just because no charges have been filed doesn't mean he cannot be suspended by major league baseball under domestic violence policy and there is brian cashman was on a conference call and i asked him about it. there's an investigation going
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to me, listen if he's innocent that's fine but to go after somebody that might be suspended for domestic violence it's kind of shocking to me that you would want to touch somebody like that. i'm quite frankly surprised. we will see all outplays out but it sounds to me as if they know something's going to happen in terms of some kind of suspension. that is what brian said on a conference call. ernie: what about the jets patriots game? russ first of all kudos to the jets. they outplayed them yesterday. they won the game 26-20 now for time but ernie and i have to tell you this. going into overtime they had a coin flip. you want to get the ball first in overtime. that is simply common sense. build telecheck chose not to take the ball.
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the ball. he is arguably the best coach of all times. i would say this, that todd bowles made that call or rex ryan or the predecessor or tom coughlin made that call they have all would then rosie. that's what you happens when you have a bunch of super bowl champions but it was the call it seemed that the best part of it the jets one. if they win sunday they are going to buffalo against rex ryan. ernie: thank you. legendary harlem globetrotters meadowlark woman has died. a sad story. he earned that make name the clown prince of basketball with his over-the-top court antics but he was perhaps the most well-known globetrotter during the heyday and earned him an induction into the best the hall of fame and the international town tom hall of fame. meadowlark lemon was 83 years old. there are so many different cultures in new york so i want
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ancestors homeland? ernie: let's talk about family. have you visited your ancestors homeland? >> bosnia, croatia. you have been their course. when was the last time you visited? >> two years ago. ernie: it's nice to go back is not? >> i found it very emotional. ernie: poland he said. >> the people look like my family. my uncle. ernie: a great connection. did you take a lot of pictures? did you talk to anybody that
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ernie: where did you go? >> ireland. ernie: how was that trip? >> it was wonderful. ernie. ernie: what did you enjoy? >> just the whole place, the atmosphere and the people are so friendly. ernie: what is it do for you when you go back to homeland, germany? >> it's just an understanding of where we all began. ernie: did you ask a lot of questions and take pictures? >> they all speak perfect english. >> with trinidad. if a family trip planned for the summer. ernie: is this your first trip back there? are you looking forward to it? would you want to see? >> just where my grandfather grew up in his family. ernie: it's beautiful. enjoy your trip. it's nice seeing you. bye bye. >> thank you. ernie: that's it for now. i'm earning enough to send there still time to enjoy the holiday show in the botanical garden at the bronx.
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for all of us here i'm ernie and i for this. from all of us in the control room, have a good night. >> "fox 5 news" isn't over prettied want to connect to great stories people and engage "fox 5's" pay both -- facebook twitter and youtube pages go to fox 11 for news and stories you care about right rattu by raymour & flanigan furnishing, furniture your
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